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クリア&ブリリアントQ&A #3 (Clear + Brilliant Q & A #3)

January 08, 2020

クリア&ブリリアントQ&A #3 (Clear + Brilliant Q & A #3)








“Please tell about the downtime and how skin improves.”

  • Immediately after treatment

The treatment may cause immediate tingling, heat-related discomfort and redness.   We use two types of masks after treatment to cool down and sooth the skin. Makeup may be applied after the treatment, before leaving the salon.

● 24 hours later

The usual downtime of the laser treatment is 24 hours but it may vary.  It may take time for the redness and tingling to heal depending on the skin condition.

  • 3-7 days later

The treatment may cause roughness. The pigmented area and spots may become darker for 3-7 days after treatment but they will rise and peel off naturally.  Please do not rub or try to forcefully peel off.  Some may feel itching and dryness.

  • 7-10 days later

The surface of the skin become smooth and glossy as if it were peeled off.  Improving tone, your skin looks like boiled egg skin.  Every time you look in the mirror, you will be happy.  After CB treatment, please keep moisturizing and do not forget UV protection.

- Chigusa Suehiro, Aesthetician