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サマージュ お客様の声 (Thermage – Customer’s review)

May 11, 2019

サマージュ お客様の声 (Thermage – Customer’s review)


【50代 K様】

【40代 S様】

Ms. K (50’s)

I have been Skin Attraction’s client for 5 years.  I have realized the effect of Thermage gradually increasing year by year.  I am very satisfied with the result - skin tightened, plump, and rejuvenated after several months.  Since I live in Japan, I really look forward to once a year Thermage treatment.  I can get more shots here than in Japan, and it is no exaggeration to say that I visit Hawaii because of Thermage treatment.

Ms. S (40’s)

Since my late thirties, about ten years ago, I constantly have Thermage treatment once a year.  Immediately after treatment I feel my skin tightened, and then gradually lifted up.  I am very satisfied with this painless, safe and effective antiaging treatment.  This is my most favorite treatment which I want to continue as I get older.