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サマージュQ&A ③ (Thermage Q&A 3)

April 16, 2019

サマージュQ&A ③ (Thermage Q&A 3)






Is Thermage painful?

Thermage is a treatment that applies a tip of about 2 cm square to the entire face same as pressing a stamp, as shown in the photo. As high frequency heat is generated, you may feel some heat and discomfort.

In general, we do not feel heat in the area with a lot of subcutaneous fat such as cheeks.  But the areas near bones such as the forehead and face line are sensitive to heat.  So you may feel it.

In order to reduce discomfort during treatment, the output level will be adjusted depending on the part of face (apply low for the forehead and high for the cheek, etc.).  It also has the function to cool simultaneously with irradiation and a vibration function as well.

Everybody has different sense of discomfort, but it is dramatically reduced compare to conventional ones. As we irradiate while listening to your feeling during treatment, please do not worry.  After treatment you will not feel discomfort.

-Chigusa Suehiro, Aesthetician