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サンスクリーン選びはTPOに合わせて (Choose sunscreen appropriately)

April 23, 2021

サンスクリーン選びはTPOに合わせて (Choose sunscreen appropriately)


◉UV-B 短い波長でお肌の表面=表皮に影響。シミ・そばかすの原因に

◉SPF:Sun Protection Factor の略で、UV-Bに対する防止効果を示すもの。SPF2から50、さらに50以上のものは50+と表示
◉PA:Protection Grade of UVA の略で、こちらはUV-Aに対する防止効果を示す。PA+からPA++++の4段階


Aloha!  The rainy season has been completely over in Hawaii and the sunlight is getting stronger, isn’t it?  Actually it is very hot during the day.  Japanese people say that we need sunscreen now, because the ultraviolet rays in spring are the strongest all year around.

UV-A : It has a long wavelength and reaches to dermis to cause age spots and wrinkles (photoaging).

UV-B : It is characterized by a shorter wavelength than UV-A and causes pigmentation and freckles.

SPF : Stands for Sun Protection Factor.   It is a measure that allows you to estimate the degree of protection from ultraviolet rays (typically refer to UV-B). SPF is followed by a number from SPF2 to SPF50 and SPF50 +.

PA : Abbreviation for Protection Grade of UVA.  PA rating only measures UVA protection. The rating is from PA+ to PA++++.

The higher the number, the better the UV protection.  But it may also be a burden on your skin.  We recommend that you choose a sunscreen which suits your skin type and lifestyle.  Personally, I use SPF20 daily and SPF 50+ for playing golf and on the beach.  It is very important to choose your sunscreen appropriately.  If you are wondering which one you should choose, please feel free to contact us!