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ドクターズコスメって何? (What is doctor’s cosmetic?)

March 08, 2019

ドクターズコスメって何? (What is doctor’s cosmetic?)


一部ブランド(Obagi, Environ, Latisse)はドクターライセンスのあるメディスパでしか取り扱いできません。





Skin Attraction has various doctor’s cosmetic brands.

Doctor’s cosmetics is a cosmetic made mainly from a dermatologist’s point of view.

Certain brands- Obagi, Environ, Latisse can be sold only at Medispa with a doctor’s license.

In other words, you cannot buy them even at luxury department stores such as Nieman Marcus.

We have the cosmetics containing active ingredients which we cannot get easily in Japan, such as hydroquinone that is effective for whitening skin and retinol for promoting turnover.

However, these ingredients may damage your skin, if misused.  Depending on age, skin type and concerns, recommended items and amount of usage vary.

If you are interested in Doctor’s cosmetics, please come to our salon to have consultation by experienced aestheticians.

Next time I will explain about skin consultation.

 - Chigusa Suehiro (Aesthetician)