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Environシリーズ (Environ Series)

May 22, 2019

Environシリーズ (Environ Series)






Today I will introduce my favorite doctors cosmetic “Environ”, which was born in South Africa.  Japanese people call it En-bi-ron.

In a word, Environ focuses on “Vitamin A”

Focusing on the fact that healthy and beautiful skin is full of Vitamin A, Environ has researched and developed a safe and easy method to penetrate Vitamin A into the skin, which is considered to be difficult to commercialize.  It delivers Vitamin not only to the surface of damaged skin, but it delivers deeply under the skin leading to healthy and beautiful skin. 

I have been using Environ for less than a year, but about half a year later I had already complement from my friend, “Did you do something for your skin?  You look more beautiful than before.”  Honestly, I did not feel any dramatic change in one or two weeks after using Environ.  But, the more I use, the more I feel the effect gradually like using Chinese medicine.

Next time, I will introduce the Environ’s skin care theory, which I am very satisfied with, as cosmetic geek.

- Chigusa Suehiro, Aesthetician