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IPL フォトフェイシャル ③ (IPL Photofacial ③)

February 13, 2020

IPL フォトフェイシャル ③ (IPL Photofacial ③)





Here is the procedure of IPL Photofacial.

①     Apply one path of light irradiation on Dermis (80-100 shots)

②     Apply two paths of light irradiation on Epidermis (160-200 shots)

③     Soothe your skin with a mask

④     Finish with serum and sunscreen

By irradiating both Dermis and Epidermis, higher effects can be expected.  As there is no downtime, you can make up right after the treatment.  Please bring those who need it.

Many people ask if the treatment gives pain.  Each person feels differently, but I cannot say there is no pain.  It feels like that somebody snap rubber band.  Pain level would be 3-4 degree out of 10, I say. Most of people are more surprised by the flash when illuminated than pain from treatment.

Anyway, the machine has the latest internal cooling system and irradiates IPL with cooling the epidermis at around 5 degrees during treatment.  Modem cooling system ensures comfortable treatments.

-Chigusa Suehiro, Aesthetician