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IPL フォトフェイシャル⑥ (IPL Photofacial ⑥)

March 10, 2020

IPL フォトフェイシャル⑥ (IPL Photofacial ⑥)

質問2. 実際の効果感、満足感はいかがでしたか?


質問3. トリートメント後の経過を教えて下さい。



Question 2.  How was your satisfaction and the effectiveness of treatment?

A handheld device delivering pulsed of broad spectrum light was passed across the whole face with one round on deep layers of skin and two round on epidermis.  My whole face had a reaction and I realized I had many brown spots underneath which I didn’t notice (especially beside the nose or chin).  After a few days I got a black scabs, but they were much thinner than the scabs from the laser treatment.  I didn’t have any problems with daily make-up.  After the black scabs disappeared, my brown spot became lighter instead getting darker.  I am looking forward to seeing how much my spots fade away after few treatments.

Question 3.  Please tell me the progress after the treatment?

On the day of the treatment, I saw some black spots and redness on the entire face.  Next morning the redness disappeared.  The black spots were darkest on the third day and disappeared in about a week to ten days.  At the same time, my skin became smooth and easy to make up.  Even though this treatment was good for spots, the pores became tighter to make skin more healthy and beautiful.

Ms. A, thank you for your detailed report!

-Chigusa Suehiro, Aesthetician