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Ishii Clinic Beauty Labo ~ All Day Gel Mask SPF 27 PA+++ (30g)

Ishii Clinic Beauty Labo

Product Description



Multiprotective beauty essence containing the world's first antibody *3 *4 that protects your skin from stress factors such as photoaging, allergen or air pollution. The non-chemical UV ingredient *1 that can be applied for 24 hours and the melanin whitening antibody *3  suppress the two major aging troubles of the skin, "photoaging" and "excessive production of melanin". Also, staphylococcus aureus antibody *4 and a detoxifying substance for stimulants absorb causative fungi and allergens that cause skin disorders. It protects your skin from all types of stimulants all year long. On top of that, bacteria-growing lactobacillus *5 increases epidermidis staphylococci which is the foundation for beautiful skin and fosters the barrier function as well as the luster of your skin from the inside.

No preservative, fragrance, coloring or surfactant used.


  • anti-photoaging
  • anti-allergen
  • bacteria-growing beauty care


After using lotion or water-soluble beauty essence,  take an appropriate amount in your palm and apply it on the whole face. If necessary, please use milky lotion or cream afterward.

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