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Ishii Clinic Beauty Labo ~ Full App Serum (50ml)

Ishii Clinic Beauty Labo

Product Description



This double-blocking formula beauty essence which uses antioxidative ingredients, fullerene and APPS *1 strongly eliminates reactive oxygens that oxidize your skin and cause retrogradation. Fullerene which has more than 250 times the antioxidative power compared to vitamin C eliminates reactive oxygens caused by ultraviolet rays or air pollution for long periods of time. Furthermore, APPS (a new vitamin C derivative) which has 100 times the osmosis power compared to conventional vitamin C derivatives thoroughly approaches reactive oxygens generated inside the skin due to age, stress and such.

*1 Trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate

No parabens, fragrance, coloring or surfactant used.


  • anti-oxidation
  • minimizes pores
  • targets sagging skin


After washing your face and toning your skin with lotion in the morning or evening, pour 7 drops in the palm, then apply on the whole face and neck. Please use milky lotion, cream etc. depending on the condition of the skin. You can also use it as lotion. (It lasts about a month when used every morning and evening.)

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