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Luxury Conju Princess Rich Skincare Essence (120ml/4.05oz) 


Products description

Extract of resurrection plant stem cell & MICRO-FLUID Essence with high concentration manufactured from patent technical engineering

1.Intensive nutrition & skin barrier reinforcement & skin soothing

2.MICRO-FLUID Technical Engineering diffusing as the smaller size than pores

3.Transferring technology of excellent active ingredient absorbed to the root of the skin

Extract of resurrection plant stem cell, centella asiatica extract, Hydrolyzed collagen

Extract of resurrection plant stem cell: Though it is rolling around here and there in the desert as if it were dried & dead from stopping supplying moisture, it revives with only small amount of moisture, in which resurrection plant stem cell called ‘tumbling tree’ supplies moisture to the dry root of the skin.

Centella asiatica: Having been used as the curable plant in the Oriental private prescription for more than a thousand year.

Hydrolyzed collagen: Hydrolyzed collagen which exists in human body and plays an intensive role in reinforcing skin elasticity, makes the skin barrier reconstructed strong, fostering tight & healthy skin with no wrinkle.

Product characteristic Essence with high concentration supplying immediate moisture & nutrition to the skin.

Finer particles than pores supply moisture & nutrition to the dried skin immediately, indicate outstanding efficacy for soothing the sensitive skin with speedy skin placating function.


How to use By pumping once or twice after washing your face, evenly spread it on your face, chin and neck.

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