Tresor Rare Ultimate Pearl Protecting and Defending Cream - 2.04 oz 

Tresor Rare

Products description

トレソレア・アルティメイト パールプロテクティング・アンド・ディフェンディング クリーム


A beautiful and remarkably soft skin cream that includes a unique combination of ingredients to assist in defending, protect, depollute and nourishing the skin. This decisive formula comfortably and thoroughly treats the skin, thus enhancing a luxuriously comfortable and supple feel.


(Use this moisturizer twice daily.) Apply cream onto a freshly cleansed face. Take an adequate amount of the cream and dab it on your face in all regions. Rub gently into the skin. The cream helps offer all day protection against all elements and moisturizes the top layers of the skin.

Category: Tresor Rare

Type: Moisturizers

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